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effect of pruning in guava

March-2020 Rerata diameter dan bobot buah tertinggi diperoleh pada perlakuan pemangkasan pemeliharaan (P), yaitu 66,20 mm dan 143,75 g. Dari hasil analisis buah jeruk, total gula tertinggi (7,5%) dan total asam terendah (1,79%) diperoleh pada tanaman yang diperlakukan pemangkasan samping (S), sedangkan total karotenoid tertinggi (10,63 µg/g) terdapat pada tanaman yang diperlakukan pemangkasan lorong (L) dan kadar air yang tertinggi sebesar 90,08% dimiliki oleh tanaman kontrol (tanpa pemangkasan). A field experiment to standardize the levels of pruning and growth regulator application in guava (Psidium guajava L.) cv. Increasingpublicawarenessoftheimportanceofconsumingfreshfruitforhealthincrease the market demandforfreshfruit.Butthe highdemandforfreshguavafruitisnotsupported bytheproduction offreshfruiteveryyear.Continueddecliningguavaproductionrequires theimprovementofcultivationtechniquessothat thequalityandquantityofguavafruit increases. Guava (Psidium guajava L.) 'Kristal' is one of the fruits that have high economic value in Indonesia. If the assumptions are fulfilled, the data, by a test of the middle value with the sm, The implementation of this study began with the uniformity of 'Crystal' guava plants at 3.0 years, Pruning of leaves is carried out step by step according to the treatment level that has been, population was carried out once every week, application time of pruning has no significant effect (Table 1). Submit Your Paper Anytime, no deadline Publish Paper within 2 days - No deadline submit any time Impact Factor Cilck Here For More Info, Effect of pruning on yield attributes in guava cv. Penelitian dilaksanakan pada bulan Agustus 2015 – Agustus 2016 di Kebun Percobaan (KP) Tlekung Balai Penelitian Tanaman Jeruk dan Buah Subtropika (Balitjestro) pada tanaman jeruk keprok Pulung berumur 6 tahun. The Best Times to Prune Pineapples & Guavas. Keywords The experiment used a completely randomized design with single factor, i.e strangulation times that consisted of control (no strangulation), strangulation in March, in April and in May. The results showed that pruning treatment was able to accelerate the appearance of flowers and increase the number of generative shoots, the number of flowers per tree, the amount of fruit harvested. Sarkar A, Ghosh B, Kundu S and Sukul P (2005). An experiment was carried out during kharif and rabi seasons of 2014 -15 at College of Horticulture, Udyangiri, Bagalkot to study the effect of time of pruning on growth and yield parameters of guava cv. Pruned plants produced more flower and fruit than un-pruned ones. Thus, we applied artificial spur extinction (ASE) in spring to reduce floral bud numbers of three-year-old. Data were collected on six 5-year-old apple trees cv.Galaxy, trained either with solaxe or centrifugal training systems, using an electromagnetic 3D digitiser. Lucknow-49. The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of ethylene concentration and ethylene exposure duration to bring out the color on Siam tangerine from Banyuwangi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan perubahan warna kulit buah mulai terjadi pada hari ke 4 setelah perlakuan degreening. An increase in the total num, dominance due to pruning, thus inducing the g, Nevertheless, there is no difference in the number of generative and, significant between the application tim, number of productive branches, the higher amount o. in mangosteen, tangerine [9] and pamelo citrus [10]. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui dosis kompos jerami dan pemangkasan terhadap pertumbuhan dan hasil tanaman mentimun sehingga dapat menghasilkan pupuk yang ekonomis dan berproduksi tinggi untuk penanaman mentimun serta interaksi kedua faktor tersebut. The best doses on cucumber yields were found in the treatment of straw compost doses of 30 and 20 tons / ha. The experiment was conducted from March to October 2017, at the Cikabayan Experimental Garden in Bogor. Fruit quality such as total dissolved solids, fruit acidity, and fruit diameter was not affected by pruning treatment. Different pruning levels and time of pruning viz., pruning 10 cm,20 cm and 30 cm of apical shoots during 30th April, 15 May, 30 May and 15 June comprised the treatment Of all the cultivars studied, L-49 showed highest TSS (12.25⁰B) followed by Allahabad Safeda (10.75⁰B). Series, treatment can accelerate the time the flower appears 10 d. Pruning is required to stimulate the growth of productive shoots and eliminate unproductive shoots, therefore the management of pruning needs to be, resulted in the appearance of new buds and flowers so. The design used was a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with a single factor, namely the pruning time consisting of 4 levels, namely without pruning, pruning in April, pruning in May and pruning in June. On the other hand, TTA is a measure, in the process of fruit respiration [16], 49%, generative shoots by 94%, the number of flowers 92%, the number of fruits 99%, the appearance, and the ratio of both of them related to pruning, http://hortikultura.litbang.pertanian.go.id, kristal pada asal bibit dan pemangkasan berbeda, Kadar hormon auksin pada tanaman kenaf (Hebiscus cannabinus L.) bercabang dan tidak bercabang, Hidayati Y 2009 Kadar hormon auksin pada tanaman kenaf (Hebiscus cannabinus L.) bercabang Canopy pruning is one of the techniques for regulating plant growth. Orissa Journal of Horticulture, 30(2), 83-86 [15] Suleman, Mohammed, Sharma, J.R, Ranjeet Kumar, Gupta, R.B., & Sultan Singh. Kata k unci: jambu biji, C/N, induksi pembungaan, pencekikan batang, produksi musiman ABSTRACT These benefits of ASE were not explained by treatment differences in crop load, and may have resulted from reduced spur density improving the illumination of canopy and fruit. Without precise control of cropping, these characteristics could limit vegetative growth of young trees and may promote biennial bearing. Observations were conducted every two days: (a) non-destructive observation conducted using color reader to determine the color changes; (b) destructive observations for measuring chlorophyll and carotenoids content and physico-chemical changes i.e. (1989). L-49. Maximum PME activity was found in L-49 (56.25 units/g.f.wt) at HRS whereas, it showed a decrease at FRS (52.25 units/g fresh weight (FW) followed by Allahabad Safeda and Lalit. 1. ABSTRAK The experiment was conducted from February to December 2017, in Cikabayan experimental garden of IPB University, Bogor, Indonesia. This investigation was done during two successive seasons (2009/2010 and 2010/2011) on 10 years old seedy guava (Psidium guajva, L) trees planted at 5x5 meters surface irrigationat Mariout Research Station of the Desert Research Center- Alexandria. It does well with minimal pruning and care and typically won't require much irrigation beyond normal rainfall. The result showed that pruning significantly increased the total number of shoots and generative shoots. Pineapple guava will grow in full sun to part shade and in a variety of soil types, though it prefers a slightly acidic soil. Hence the The results of the present investigation indicated that, different pruning treatments and fertilizer levels produced significant effect on fruit quality of guava. In this paper, we discuss the role of this enhanced light interception by the canopy in increasing the autonomy of the fruiting shoot, i.e. In the subsequent spring, densities of floral spurs (FS) and floral terminal buds (FT) on unmodified branch units were 2.3 and 1.6 (FS+FT=3.9), respectively. combinations. It also increased both leaf area and STAR of the fruiting shoots by approximately 15%, regardless of their position in the canopy. Penelitian bertujuan mengkaji pengaruh konsentrasi dan durasi pemaparan etilen untuk menstimulasi pigmen jingga dan pengaruhnya terhadap sifat fisikokimia jeruk siam Banyuwangi. number of fruits per tree and also fruit size, weight and yield. Recently, centrifugal training, i.e. Sardar. Pengamatan dilakukan setiap dua hari: (a) pengamatan non-destruktif dengan menggunakan color reader untuk mengetahui perubahan warna; (b) pengamatan destruktif dengan mengukur kekerasan, kandungan klorofil dan karotenoid, Padatan Terlarut Total (PTT), Asam Tertitrasi Total (ATT) dan vitamin C untuk mengetahui perubahan fisikokimia jeruk. Mehta et al. 2019 to study the effect of pruning intensity and time on yield and quality of winter guava Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2004;13(Suppl):S106.. View abstract. The present study was undertaken at Experimental Orchard of the Division of Fruit Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Udheywalla, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu, J & K, India. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. This study used Randomized Block Design (RAK) 4 x 3 factorial pattern with 3 replications consisting of 2 factors. the guava orchard of Department of Horticulture, Khalsa College, Amritsar during the year Indian Journal of Horticulture, 46(3), 364-367 Mika, A. Branches that are touching … The pruning treatment on 'Crystal' guava plants can significantly increase the total number of shoots, although the difference in application time of pruning has no significant effect (Table 1). The yield (total fruit weight and total fruit number) was more significant under light training than medium training, as reflected in 1987 results. Not only is the tree known for its fruit, but it has a long-standing tradition of use as a medicinal remedy for numerous ailments. Abstract In the following winter, densities (number/cm2 BCA) of spurs (S) and short to medium length annual shoots (T) on unmodified branch units were 8.2 and 2.4 (S+T=10.6), respectively. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Degreening merupakan proses perombakan pigmen hijau (klorofil) pada kulit jeruk secara kimiawi dan membentuk warna jingga (karotenoid) tanpa mempengaruhi kualitas internal buah. Ethylene 0, 100, 200 ppm was injected into the box containing 2.8 kg citrus and was exposed to the cooling chamber with a temperature 18 0C for 24 hours ethylene + 48 hours without ethylene, 48 hours ethylene + 24 hour without ethylene and 72 hours ethylene. Lucknow-49 comprised of three levels of pruning i.e. Key word s : guava, C/N, flowering induction, ringing, seasonal production According to the results the effect of time of pruning on the number of set flowers per tree was found to be significant. Allahabad Safeda. The study was conducted at the Experimental Farm Tlekung ICSFRI on 6 year old tree of mandarin cv. of the study revealed that among the various pruning treatments the pruning of 30 cm of apical The increase of flowering response on strangulated trees was supported by a higher leaf C/N compared to control, which is related to the low leaf N content in strangulation treatments. Effect of pruning intensity and nutrition on quality of guava fruit cv. This study aims to determine the effect of various times of pruning for controlling the flowering of 'Crystal' guava plants. The research was conducted at Leuwikopo Experimental Garden, levels of treatment, namely without pruning, pruning in April 2017, pruning in May 2017, and pruning, repeated 3 times so there were 24 experim, Tukey test. L-9 by shoot pruning and bending. All rights reserved. production with enhanced yield and good quality in guava cv. The study was undertaken in seven guava (Psidium guajava L.) cultivars at three different developmental stages, viz. In addition to preventing a biennial pattern of bearing, ASE increased red blush coverage around the surface of the fruit skin by 6-7%, enabled a greater proportion of crop to be colour-picked in the first and/or second commercial harvests, and increased fruit dry matter content. The, Young trees of the recently commercialised apple 'Scilate' (Envy™) appear precocious, have excessive fruit set, and produce naturally large fruit. 15,30 and 60 cm. Effect of pruning on growth, fruiting and quality of ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.). The study was analyzed by using a Randomized Block Design (RBD) with five treatments and five replicates. Almost all the branches that leave the mother branches, produce flowers so they can leave the production. This study aimed to explain the relationship between strangulation time, the period of, Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. This degreening technique altered the Citrus Colour Index (CCI) value from -1.60 to be 6.50, changed the tangerines into a bright orange. © 2017, Indian Council of Agricultural Research. In contrast, ASE lowered (P < 0.001) spur density (S=4.5) but increased (P < 0.01) that of annual shoots (T=3.6; S+T=8.1). The strangulation treatment could accelerate the time of flower emergence six days earlier than control. Effect of shoot pruning and bending on yield and fruit quality in guava cv. One ofsimplestcultivationtechniquestoimprovethe yieldofCrystalguavaispruning. plants that are pruned due to an increase in, pruning as many as 13 pieces, while the control was 10 pieces. ABSTRAK quality by increasing TSS, sugars, ascorbic acid and pectin content of guava fruits. Jeruk; Kanopi; Pemangkasan; Produktifitas; Mutu buah Sarker A and Ghosh B (2006). The results Increased flowering response due to pruning is supported by the rate of stomatal conduction, the number of stomata is higher than without pruning. Pectin methyl esterase (PME) activity increased progressively in all the cultivars up to HRS and subsequently decreased at FRS. The results of the present study revealed that with the advancement of fruit maturity at different stages, the total soluble solids (TSS), sugar (total sugars, reducing and non-reducing sugar), ascorbic acid contents increased significantly while, during fruit ripening acidity and pectin decreased. Degreening is a process to break down green pigment (chlorophyll) on citrus peel chemically and form the orange color (carotene) without affecting internal quality of fruit. The seasonal production of guava ( Psidium guajava ) requires flowering manipulation technique such strangulation in order to be available throughout the years. improved fruit size and colour, and return-bloom. cv Allahabad Safeda. experiment used completely randomized design with six replications. After exposure, tangerines were put at room temperature condition. Department of Agrotechnology, University of Lampung, Indonesia, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Bogor Agriculture, Darmawan M 2014 Induksi pembungaan diluar musim pada tanaman jeruk keprok (Citrus, p>Pemangkasan merupakan tindakan dalam budidaya tanaman yang berperan penting dalam mengatur percabangan tanaman. 2019 to study the effect of pruning intensity and time on yield and quality of winter guava cv Allahabad Safeda. A field experiment was conducted during 2011-12 to assess the effect time of shoot pruning with different combinations on vegetative growth, flowering and yield attributes in high density planting of guava cv Pant Prabhat. Penelitian ini menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK) pola faktorial 4 x 3 dengan 3 ulangan yang terdiri dari 2 faktor. Studies on growth, yield and economics in guava cv. Pada faktor pemangkasan berpengaruh sangat nyata terhadap panjang tanaman 21 HSPT dan 28 HSPT serta berpengaruh nyata terhadap jumlah bunga betina, panjang buah, berat buah per tanaman, berat per buah dan potensi hasil. the hardness, soluble solid content, titratable acidity and vitamin C. The results showed that the best combination was 200 ppm ethylene concentration for 48 hours ethylene exposure. Guava is a popular tropical fruit tree. There were three treatments i.e. Kata kunci: cooling chamber, citrus color index, jeruk tropika, karotenoid, klorofil

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